June 19, 2020

Found a true companion in my husband during quarantine times

Found a true companion in my husband during quarantine times
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The lockdown and quarantine times are certainly challenging for everyone.  Be it working class or business clan- all are advised to stay home. Offices are closed, schools have shut, and businesses are on hold due to pandemic situation in the country.

It is not easy to stay at home especially for the earning member of the family. I understand the complexities of handling such circumstances; be it financial, physical and moreover emotional. However with experiencing the quarantine times- we have found our blessed times to stay together as family, to become more close, to explore our kids new activities, to teach them something new everything, to acknowledge that life is so beautiful and we get time to appreciate everything that we somehow ignored all our lives- i.e. this life, nature and mother earth give us.

We realize that families have come closer, we do video calls with distant relative. Fathers’ are spending time with kids. The kitchens are wide open now for trying new and different cuisines.

This has majorly impacted the women of the house. They get busier in this “NEW NORMAL”. Whether the woman is homemaker or working professional. They need to fulfill demands of family especially when we have put restrictions on house help facilities. All time meals, cleaning, mopping, kids care, their study and laundry- they are managing all with a sake that her family is safe and close to her.

I have recently watched the amazing #ShareTheLoad advertisement of Ariel


Working from home along with household chores and managing kids has been a tough journey in the pandemic times especially when you stay in nuclear family set up.
But my husband is very helpful and always extends his support in all kind of household chore. It is never like compulsion – this is what he really wants to do. Especially when I don’t keep well- he manages all house, food, kids, parents care etc.

Even in regular days-
when I am on office call; he engages kids..
when I cook meals; he takes care of feeding them..
when I do dishes; he manages laundry

Honestly we are enjoying these joyful moments and would cherish them lifelong. Thank you  Ariel Indiafor reminding us as couple that we are blessed and are standing with each other as companion. Certainly - #ShareChoresMultiplyLove

He states “I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda

#ShareTheLoad #ShareTheLaundry and #ShareChoresMultiplyLove