July 30, 2019

Let Your Skin Breathe with Sutatva Rose Gel

Let Your Skin Breathe with Sutatva Rose Gel

I remember my pregnancy time- the skin quality was so good that I could swear by. There was shine, spark & healthy texture of skin. While I read about it; the supplements women take during pregnancy days do all wonder. Since I am postpartum 1 year now; I have started feeling itchiness in my skin. I am unable to take essential care as I used to do before kids. The spark & shine has been faded away with time. This was not only outer presence but the confidence level has also relegated to the extent.

When I met this wonder product:

I have been using Sutatva products for long time. Like its almond oil – a super wonder product with multipurpose usage especially for baby body massage. I have reached out to Sutatva team on their insta handle. First thing first- the team is so knowledgeable- they don’t try to forcefully sell you their expensive products. They ask for skin type, the climate you stay in, the diet pattern etc.
I have been advised to try their Handmade rose gel. The team was kind enough to share the samples with me before I browsed Amazon to buy it.
You know after a long day at work, or at the end of a stressful day, who wouldn’t love to be mesmerized by small pampering session with the fragrance of roses? Sutatva’s handmade Rose Petal Gel is treat to your skin. You won’t believe the fragrance of this gel. The smell of roses, the texture of skin after application, and the smoothness is unexplainable. Though I wish the quantity of gel should be more considering the price. However it is rightly said that the best things come in small packages. Certainly without doubt!!

Do you know this about Roses?

Roses have medicinal uses since Ayurveda evolved. You must have heard about Gulkand; it is made by the mixture of white sugar and Rose petals in equal proportion acts as laxative and tonic. The Rose fruit – hips are the good source of Vitamin C. Rose petals are widely used to make skin healthy and glowing. It has therapeutic properties to revive the skin. It is also a natural astringent which helps tighten pores and restores elasticity to make your skin firmer. The rose petals are also a potent antioxidant which protects the skin from damage by UV rays so it is a natural sun blocker too. The rose’s scent/petals have been used in making pills, herbal teas, jams, candles, lotion, bath oils and perfumes etc for centuries. A rare combination of exquisiteness and resourcefulness.

How to use it:

This is not a cream but a gel mask. I usually apply this rose gel mask twice or thrice a week- i.e. early morning while I prepare breakfast & during late evening after putting my kids to sleep while I prepare myself for next day. It's a transparent gel so you can apply while on go as well. Apply gently and wash your face after 20-25 mins. It gives instant cleansing & glow to your skin. As I mentioned It is free from additives or toxins which protects the skin from damage by UV rays. The bonus is - this mask is 100% herbal & natural so safe to use for every skin type- however I suggest to do patch try every herbal product to check the allergy or irritation pattern before application on your face.

My take:

The calming fragrance of Indian Rose Petals is sure shot formula to pamper your skin this summer. This 100% herbal and free from toxins - handmade Rose Petal Gel will cool down your skin when the weather gets hot/sticky or you need a simple cum basic skin pampering. Embrace this natural skin care product to give your skin a deserving me time care.

Where to buy it:

It is available on Amazon, Flipkart & www.Sutatva.in own website.
Amazon Link is: