May 30, 2020

Skin Nourishment via Anti-Bacterial Regime

Skin Nourishment via Anti-Bacterial Regime

The definition of being beautiful had witnessed a paradigm shift since last few months now. It is changed from “looking beautiful” to “being beautiful”. Somehow mother nature had given us time to acknowledge our strengthen and reboot ourselves for healthy tomorrow. I am sure we all are engaged in “not so routine” activities like regular exercises, yoga, detoxification, dieting and even self-actualization some time, which we all agree is necessary in our daily life, but somehow because of tough working style we always place our self at last place in list of priorities.

I have always believed in a fact that ‘if you don’t love yourself nobody else is going to love you.’ Also, you all will agree from the fact that we never grow old in our mind and therefore we always assume that we are still young, what if we have kids; what if we have crossed 30’s. We never realize that our body had taken all what we have given since last so many years, now even our body needs to be treated bit differently and with extra care.

Today we need to sit back and keenly observe, the changes which are occurring in our body and face on every day basis and this all is because of our eating habits and frequent changing environment. This all leads to fungal and bacterial infections. Fungal infections are majorly weather born but bacterial infections are quite common specially in Indian and Asian geographical conditions.

Bacterial infections like Boils, Acne, Cellulitis & Impetigo are commonly seen among individuals wherein boils and acne are quite common and almost neglected and considered self-curable among masses. There are many ointments claim to cure them externally but we need to deep dive in route cause for permanent solutions.

When you drill down to the bottom of the cause you majorly find issues like bad eating habits, excess consumption of vegetable oil, poor digestive system, excess exposure to pollution and so many. Therefore, we need to understand that these all are lifestyle diseases and need dual attention both internally and externally. One need to control taste buds and follow some basis nutritional eating regime along with basis workout which can be as simple as climbing stairs to even walking in balcony for an hour. (I call it back to basic)

For external care one need to focus on skin hygiene, washing face or hydrating it 4-5 times a day with gentle face wash is a must do, like I always recommend using organic face wash, recently I have started using one with rose and curcumin extracts from Sutatva Nature Care. This helps in cleansing, removing dust and even hydrate skin genteelly. Whereas other face wash is majorly chemical based and harsh on skin resulting in dryness, flaky skin. Our natural skin is bit acidic in nature. This top most acidic layer works as protective cover and even maintain Ph level which shave your skin from acne and other skin related issues. Therefore, it’s always suggested to use natural products then acidic once.

Apart from daily activity you should also use quality face pack once a week such as Neem Tulsi, Tejaswani, Essential Greens and Fascinating Wood by Sutatva Nature Cares. These all are organic and highly effective face packs, with ingredient like Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass, Rose petals, Mixed Pulses, Multani Mitti etc which are all old home made remedies and always tried and tested.

We all are moving back to basics after using all industrial products. My mom use to dry orange peels and then use it as scrub on us. That was quiet annoying during that age, but now we realize that orange peel has high Vitamin C content which is precious for any age skin. Thanks! to Sutatva for reincarnating similar home-made remedy in ready to use Orange Peel Scrub. This brand also has used other natural ingredients for preparing scrubs like Wine Scrub, Activated Charcoal & Detox Scrub to name a few wherein again brand had used ingredients like Charcoal, Vinegar, Grape wine etc which always work’s as skin revitalizing agents.

Other then these basis routine products you must have some serums to avoid skin aging and blemishes. But even after using all these products, we need to also ensure basic daily regime wherein we need to have high water intake, eating natural and balanced diet, taking sufficient nap and last but not the least doing some physical exercise daily for healthy and balanced body and mind.

nature image credits - iStock/primeimages